Theme announced for Catholic Education Week 2017


The theme endorsed by the Commission for this year's celebrations will be:  

Catholic Education Week 2017

Sharing the Journey

The idea of journey as a central theme has been drawn from a number of quotes from Pope Francis as well as a number of biblical references. Pope Francis has said: 

Today, we need a Church capable of walking at people’s side, of doing more than simply listening to them; a Church which accompanies them on their journey. 

The whole journey of life is a journey of preparation…to see, to feel, to understand the beauty of what lies ahead, of the homeland towards which we walk. 

What is important is the whole journey by which we arrive at the mission the Lord entrusts to us.


We hope this information will assist with forward-planning and that as a Catholic education community in Queensland we can embrace this theme for celebrations in 2017.

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